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Private Vendor Plan
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Professional Agent Plan
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♦ 15 property images per property unit To quote
Property Listing Configuration and Optimisation To quote
♦ 10 property document files in .rtf  or .pdf format To quote
♦ Property address mapping feature ◊  Property address mapping feature
♦ Property will be displayed as featured property To quote
♦ If required, a link to your proposed on-line property video ◊ Video Channel Links
♦ This listing plan is flat-fee with no sales commission to pay ◊ Flat-fee
 5 months minimum property listing period per property unit ◊ No Listing Sales Commission
€3,99 * per calendar month per property unit Please contact Riches Property for a quote
* Or the equivalent of your currency in Euros (€) using this on-line tool :
Currency converter powered by Google
Monthly billing | No bulk upload function available at the moment.
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 The Riches Property Listing Set-up Service !
By purchasing this additional and value-for-money €9,99  Property Listing Set-up Service add-on to your property listing plan means that you don't have to enter ANY of your property information into our database system yourself !
Simply send us all the details and photographs by regular email and we'll do all your, "inputting" stuff for you. Please note that we cannot accept paper copy - your property details must be sent to us in any digital format. Our fee for this Set-up Service is charged once-only per property unit.

  If you find that the above plan is not quite right for you, do feel free to drop us an email and tell us what it is that you need from your ideal property listing plan to progress, and Riches Property would be happy to price a property listing plan to suit your exact requirements.