Riches Property  has been honed from more than 20 years self-employment in computing & information technology, and just as importantly, private property sales!   The owner has bought, renovated and sold residential property many, many times by, "moving house" every 2-4 years. He has refurbished bought-for-letting (real-estate rental) residential property as landlord and independent property marketeer near London UK, and most recently in France, including owning and managing a small but popular camping site and holiday accommodation.

He is well positioned to acknowledge the stress first-hand that property dealings place upon a family or young couple first-time buyers, and hopes that his direct life-experience of buying, selling, and renting property, will be of some sundry benefit to help property vendors using this website, and perhaps especially, website members marketing their property for holiday-let or vacation rental because there are many twists and turns involved along that revenue stream in getting a holiday rental product perfect for the vacation consumer.

This Riches Property on-line property marketing resource is brand-new and now live, and always ready to improve the user experience and customer interaction as new technology arises. And, this property listing website has a truly global reach and is not focused upon any particular region anywhere in the World. So no matter where in the World you are reading this right now -  Welcome, and trust Riches Property to deliver the best property listing service. We can !


[ Extract ~ Home Selling Guide by Riches Property ]

I want to mention two interesting aspects of property sales & marketing that every property vendor should know about and be ready to implement when necessary.
Property Features and Property Benefits
If your property has one, or two or more great features, don't leave a prospective purchaser trying to guess what's so beneficial about that property feature - because it may not be obvious to them. Explain in an easy-to-understand way how a particular property feature could, in your opinion, make their lives easier, more comfortable, cosier, or save them money, for example.
Whilst you should be accurate in measuring your property and the rooms or spaces, and describing the features it contains, please don't think of them as being property benefits. Those details are features of the property, not benefits of a property and not every property feature may convey a great benefit !  If, for example you have a North-facing bathroom window and when talking about the bathroom to a prospective buyer, it may not be easy to convey any benefit to associate with that feature.  However, if for example, you have a South-facing bathroom window, you might want to explain that, "... you do tend to get a lot of natural light in the room."  The same could be said for a south-west facing garden. To say that you, "... often enjoy the warmth of the late afternoon sun from the seat of your garden chair during the summer evenings," may be a really super benefit and be well worth mentioning, but remember that that particular property benefit is your opinion.
Note: On your property listing page there is a special section where you can describe and talk about the feature benefits if you wish !
Property Benefits versus Property Features
Reading the paragraphs above, you may now understand the difference between a property feature and a property benefit. The, "features" need to be accurate and factual. So when listing all of the property's, "vital statistics" such as : dimensions, aspect, building guarantees, property boundaries, plot-size, etc. (which are all property features) they must be correct. Property benefits are equally important because the prospective buyers want to make a good decision based on what features they can see and experience and also how they personally, "feel" about the various home features. This is when you could explain to them, in your opinion, what it is they might gain or benefit from that tangible property feature. 
Note: Your property listing page has a section where you can tick-box the home features of your property. And if you can't find your particular feature on the extensive tick-list, tell us and we'll create that feature just for you within the hour !


Database Content Optimisation

Content Optimization
You might have a dazzling and modern-looking website, but if people cannot find relevant, search-term content from within it when they search Google, Bing or Yahoo! ... what are you going to do? If you are a private vendor or landlord, you can expect some free help with the content optimisation when you sign-up and list your property with Riches Property. To ensure that your property advertising has the best possible configuration to achieve the best performance in the Search Engines is our priority in one of two ways ...

Method 1) You supply the content and once you have added your property listing to this site, we will optimize it for you, free of charge! And when your listing is ready-to-go, we will submit your property details page, and all your individual property images, manually to Google, Bing / Yahoo! and other search engines, or ...

Method 2) You supply all the content via regular email and then Riches Property will add your property data to the database on your behalf for a low-cost fixed-fee, then optimise that content, and submit that content manually to Google, Bing / Yahoo! 
To find out more about our property service add-on, please click
 Riches Property - Property Listing Set-Up Service

It is in our interests to do our very best with your property data because we want other customers to sign-up and use Riches Property after finding your property listed on the first page of the Search Engine Results. In our opinion, simply adding your property details to a property listing website and hoping for the best is not proactive property sales and marketing.

Riches Property Listing will give your property data the best possible configuration to provide you with the best possible opportunity within on-line property search. We always aim at getting your property details page listed on the 1st page of your favourite search engine because the 1st page is where your potential buyers will start looking to find their ideal property !  Here's an easy question for readers of this page :)  Q. - When you're looking for something on the internet, how many pages past Page-1 do you explore before clicking a link ? This is very important sales and marketing and it is exactly the point we're making, be that an internet search for property, or anything else you seek to find, quickly and easily.

If you know a self-employed estate agent, private property vendor, landlord, or a friend with holiday rental property who might be interested and benefit from signing-up now or in the near future, please don't hesitate in sending them this URL